Upper Cumberland River Cleanup Part Deux – Bring Deux

Just a short thingy letting you know, in case you don’t, that another Upper Cumberland River Cleanup is coming next Saturday, September 25, organized by master instigator Croley Forester.

Part Deux.  Bring Deux.  What if every person who participated in the last cleanup showed up with a friend this time.  That means that, instead of 80ish people cleaning up the river on September 25, we would have more than 160 people, hauling out plastic, tires, scrap metal, refrigerators, cars, stoves, tires (tires deserve a second mention), plastic, plastic (plastic deserves three) and more plastic (or four).  The plastic may not be the most dramatic pound-wise, but it’s certainly the piece de resistance in river or beach cleanups, because it is responsible for more marine animal deaths than any other single substance.

So, come.  Come walk in the headwaters just as the leaves begin to fall and swirl in little tornadoes as cars wind their way on the Harlan highways (image courtesy of Lisa Blanton Tolliver and Dinah Day FB conversation), set in the oldest terrain in the USA.  Bring your shovel (I still have my big one in the trunk if you show up empty-handed, but a small one is probably more practical), wading boots, and your big old heart.

Harlan Center; Harlan, Kentucky;  Saturday, September 25, 2010; 8:00a.m  For more information, go to Facebook, key “Harlan County River Cleanup Part II.”  And let him know that you’re coming.  With a friend.

And just in case you don’t realize what a problem plastic is, watch this video, and come play in the water with us.


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